As of version 3.1.0, the payment importer configuration is now stored in the database, rather than the client.  When a client is upgraded to this version, the database needs to be upgraded to add these new columns. The script is attached to this article.

The relevant columns are listed below

RPSControl table:  This sets the location for the database

Use Year On Payment:  If set to true, this overrides any other settings and will attempt to post the payment to the year coming from the payment file first.

Treat Future Year As Current: If a year in the payment file is greater than the current tax year (Seen at Johnson, 2018 year sent for 2017 payments) the year will be assumed to be current, if this flag is set. If set to false, this treats it as if there is no year set.

Payment Apply Mode:

  1. Current Year, Prior Years
  2. Prior Years, Current Year
  3. Current Year Only
  4. Prior Years Only

Pay Fees Of Office: If set, pay any fees of office (Tax Certs, etc) before using normal logic.