Daily, and monthly balancing using report manager

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All reports must be run for the same date range.

Balance the deposit to the Deposit Summary.

Deposit Summary details all the transactions in the batches.


Deposit Summary Listing --- Detail Collections

Detail Colections break out all the types of receivables TAKEN IN (Levy, Renditions, etc.)

Deposit Summary must be run on only closed batches.

Detail Collections includes everything in the Deposit Summary but omits Strikeoffs and only details closed batches. (It does not include Balance Adjustments)


Detail Collections --- Distribution Summary, Attorney Distribution Report, Rendition Summary

These are Distribution reports. They detail all the types of receivables DISTRIBUTED OUT.

Detail Collections details all transactions save StrikeOffs and Balance Adjustments, and only includes closed batches. Reendition Penalties are listed in whole.

These 3 reports should bring you back to Detail Collection. They present all your distributions.

Distribution Summary to jurisdictions:

The Distribution Summary details all transactions save StrikeOffs and Balance Adjustments, and Collection Fees. They only includes closed batches. Rendition Penalties are divided into two parts. The Rendition Penalty in whole and the percentage of the penalty going to the Appraisal District (called the Rendition Penalty Admin Fee) as a negative. The net of these two will give you just the amount going to the entity.

The Attorney Distribution Report will detail Collection Fees to attorneys.

The Renditon Summary will provide the Rendition Admin Fees for the appraisal district.