Accounts that have an active suite on them and rendition from previous years potentially do not get updated correctly when suits are rolled forward. The prior year will have an active suit but the current year is missing the "S".  First you need to run this to check for those accounts

select * from  suitxref  sx
inner join AccountReceivable AR
on ar.lAccountNumber_id = sx.lAccountNumber_id
and ar.lYear_id = 2017
and ar.lReceivabletypeCode_id = 54
where binflag is null

the ones that are in this list need the bin flags updated. Simply go into Binflag admin and for each unit in the current year check the suit checkbox and save the record.

If it is more than a few records that didn't have the suit move forward, then updating the flags via a script is preferable.  Please use the attached script, modifying "WHERE sx.lYear_id = 2017".  to match what is required.  This script should exclude QuarterPayments, HalfPAyments, and Disaster Payments.  It should also exclude Bankruptcy and Judgments.

Other Than That, The Script Will Attempt to Move All Suits Forward.

Note: This script will display a fair number of non-fatal errors, as it will try to move forward suits that are already successfully moved.  These errors are to be expected.

Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'dbo.SuitXref' with unique index 'XPKSuitXref' The duplicate key value is (lSuitNumber_id , lAccountNumber_id , lYear_id , lTaxunitNumber_id )

It will also make comments like 'Bankruptcy' or 'Judgement Present or Invalid Suit' .  Any other errors will need to be researched, and may indicate a problem.