For Spindle with Tax Client to setup to accept payments and use Forte card Machines there are five steps. 

1. Go to Egynte folder:  and Freenas: \\FREENAS\Files\Software\Forte install files 


    download TaxClientScomm.exe (self extracting to install location) make sure you drill into the directory right click on the .dll and UNBLOCK!

2.  Install both the Driver and the Scomm on every workstation with a Card machine. 

    a) Go into Computer Management, Device Manager, Ports, and verify that the card reader is visible on COM port 9.  If not, unplug and reinsert USB connection.

3. In TaxClient CertifiedControl table needs to be updated see attachment. (The BureauCode1 "MerchantID" is a number provided to Spindle from Forte)

Step 4 Completed by Forte.  Each Card machine has to be programmed by Forte.  Each different Machine will be given a different identifying number by Forte. 

Step 5.  Make sure the taxoffice.ini  has this 



* If multiple machines in the same office are unable to connect, the taxoffice.ini file on the share may have been updated and this line removed.

For troubleshooting existing installations, start with step 2.  If the reader is not present on port 9, Tax Client will crash with the error message "TaxOffice has stopped working".

If you are receiving a "Invalid Merchant Id" error. Please make sure there are NO spaces in the BureauCode1 field. You will ONLY see this in SQL by highlighting the field. Doing a LEN(BureauCode1) query is not accurate.