Parallels TSPrint Guide

Created by Jason Bollinger, Modified on Tue, 17 May 2022 at 03:04 PM by Heather Zeh


The following steps explain how to download and install the TS Print Client. This process must be performed on all workstations using Parallels. 


Begin by downloading the Terminal Works client install from the following website:                                        

TSPrint Client requires admin privileges and may need your IT administration to install. After clicking on the link, the TerminalWorks website will launch in your browser. Look for the DOWNLOAD CLIENT box and click on the DOWNLOAD button. 


Browsers will vary on how the file is downloaded some will run it automatically if not, browse to your downloads folder and run the TSPrint_client.exe.

Choose preferred language

Click Next


Accept the agreement and click Next.


Click Next 


Click Next 


Click Install


Click Next


Click Finish then proceed to the next step 


The following steps explain how to configure Tax Client to use the TS Print Client.


Double-click on the Tax Client icon in the Parallels Client or on your desktop to launch Tax Client.

After logging into Tax Client, click File to bring up the File menu.


In the File menu, click on Set Printer to bring up the Tax Client Printer settings.


With the Default radio button selected, scroll down the list of available printers and double-click on "TSPrint Default". Make sure it appears in the Default field at the top. This will map to your default desktop printer.


After setting the Default printer, click on the Statements radio button to select that field. If you use a separate printer for statements, double-click on "Tax Statements" from the list of available printers. Make sure this appears in the Statements field at the top.


If you do not use a separate printer for statements, double-click on "TSPrint Default" from the list of available printers again to use the same printer as Default. Make sure this appears in the Statements field.


Once you have selected both the Default printer and Statements printer, click on Save to save and exit.


The following steps explain how to map a printer to the “Tax Statements” print setting if a separate printer is used to print tax statements.


You should now be able to print from Tax Client. Documents will print to the default printer as normal. If “Tax Statements” was selected as the Statements printer, then printing a statement for the first time will produce the following one-time setup window. This will prompt you to select the local printer to be defined as the “Tax Statements” printer. 


Use the drop-down list to locate and click on the correct statement printer. 


Once the correct statement printer is selected, click the “Save Printer” button to save the selection and close the window. The selected statement printer will now be mapped to “Tax Statements” and this box will not appear again. If the printer needs to be changed, this can be done using the TSPrint Client Options application. Proceed to the next step to learn more about this. 


To open the TSPrint Client Options application, click on the search box in the Windows Task Bar and type “options”. Click on “Options” when it appears. This will launch the TS Print Client Options application. The TS Print Client must be installed for this to work. This step may differ depending on the version of Windows being used. 


The TSPrint Client Options application will display the current printer mappings. It will show the Default Printer and the Tax Statements printer. 


If the wrong printer was selected during the Tax Statements one-time setup while printer the first statement, click on “Tax Statements” in the “Server Printers” list and then click on the Delete button. 


The “Tax Statements” printer will disappear from the list of Server Printers. Click on the Save button to save the changes and exit the TSPrint Client Options application. 


Now “Tax Statements” no longer has a printer mapped to it. The next time this printer is used in Tax Client, the Select Printer box will appear and the correct printer can be set.