This article explains how to scan a document from ImageWorks. Before attempting to scan from ImageWorks, make sure the scanner is connected correctly to the PC and that the appropriate driver is installed on the PC.

In Tax Client, click on the “I” button to launch ImageWorks.


ImageWorks will launch along with a Document Search window. Close the Document Search window by clicking on the Cancel button.


After closing the Document Search window, click on the scanner icon in the ImageWorks window. This will launch Google Chrome and automatically navigate to the online scanner tool. If Tax Client is in full-screen mode, Google Chrome may open in the background.


In Google Chrome, the online scanner tool will appear. Make sure the document to be scanned is loaded into the scanner correctly and click on the Scan button.


The Select Source window will appear. Select the scanner to be used and click the Select Button.


After the document has been scanned, the image will appear in the online scanner tool. Click on the upload button to transfer the image back to ImageWorks.


After clicking on Upload, the image will be transmitted to the ImageWorks application and the following message will appear. 


Go back to the ImageWorks application by clicking on the icon in the Windows Task Bar.


In ImageWorks, click on the OK button to view the scanned image.


After clicking on OK, the image will appear in ImageWorks.