BWL 2.3.0 Release Notes

Created by Jason Bollinger, Modified on Wed, 05 Feb 2020 at 09:20 AM by Ernesto Weber

Release 2.3 features

This release introduces some process improvements. These include renewal notices, alert on payment, improved mixed beverage billing, and duplicate license prevention.

Renewal Notice

Renewal notice features

  • Delinquent payments report
  • Notice count to keep track of invoices sent
  • Final notice stamp on the invoice report

When the invoices are printed, and renewals processed it will increment the notice count. The count will range from 0 to 2 and will determine if a stamp will be placed on the invoice and, if so, which one.

  • A notice count of 0: No stamp will be placed on the invoice
  • A notice count of 1: A “Second Notice” stamp will be placed on the invoice
  • A notice count of 2 or more: A “Final Notice” stamp will be placed on the invoice

The notice count will reset when a payment has been made.


A Delinquent Payments report has been created to keep track of past due payments, the filtering is based on the county expiration date. Clicking on “Delinquent Payments” under the “Reports” header will bring up the Delinquent Payments Report form. Here, the filtering options can be entered to generate a report. 

Filtering options:

                Past Due Days

                All – returns all expired records

                30 – returns all records up to 30 days after expiration

                90 – returns all records up to 90 days after expiration

                180 – returns all records up to 180 days after expiration



Checking the “Show with no notices” box will return only records with a notice count of 0. 


Mixed Beverage Billing

Renewal fees have been added to the license sub type edit form. Behind the scenes the software determines how many renewals a license type has based on data in the fields. For example, a sub type of MI (Mini Bar) which contains an original fee, 1st renewal, 2nd renewal and 3rd renewal must have all renewal fields populated. If only the fee (original fee) is populated the system will assume no renewal fees apply. After these fields are populated in the License Sub Type Edit form, the fees will be reflected in the appropriate payment form(s).


Populating the 1st renewal fee field will enable the 2nd renewal fee field and populating the 2nd renewal fee will enable the subsequent renewal fee field.

The fees must be populated manually based on the TABC Fee Chart


The system will increment the renewal count every time a license renewal is made. Renewal counts are limited by the renewal fee fields that get populated. For example, if fees are only populated up to the 2nd renewal fee then the max renewal count for that license will be 2.


The renewal count can be modified in the License Edit Form located here

Businesses -> Select a Business -> Edit -> Select a License -> Edit


Alert on Payment

When a user goes to make a payment, BWL will now alert the user of payments made previously up to 3 months back. Clicking of the pay button will trigger the check of previous payments and will display a message if any are found.



A message will appear when previous payments have been found. Clicking “No” will return the user to the previous screen. Clicking “Yes” will allow the user to continue to the payment screen.

Duplicate License Prevention

If the same license number appears multiple times within a TABC download file, It will only be processed once.