Parallels Client install

Created by Jason Bollinger, Modified on Tue, 17 May 2022 at 12:54 PM by Heather Zeh

1. First you need to open a web browser or the “internet” you want to type in the following or click on the link.

2.  Click “Install Parallels Client” on this screen

3. Click the blue download button at the bottom left.

4. Click “Run” When you see this.

5. Say Yes when the pop up window asks if you would like to install.

6. Browsers will vary on how the file is downloaded. Some will run it automatically. If it doesn't, browse through your downloads folder and run the CLIENT DOWNLOADER.7. Click install full client on the downloader.

8. Click next on the installer.

9. Accept the terms click next.

10. Chose options for shortcuts, then click next. 

11. Leave Install location defaulted and click next.

12.  Do NOT install Single Sign on (leave default), then click install.

13. Click install.

14.Click finish.

15. Once the installer is done double click the Parallels Client desktop icon. Click yes you want to add a RAS connection.

16. Enter your Server, and Friendly name. Server will always be You can choose friendly name typically where you are example: “Liberty”.

17. Once you click ok you will need to enter your credentials. Leave Authentication type defaulted to Credentials and click connect.

18. Once you click connect you will see your icons in the Parallels client and on your desktop. You can launch the apps from either place.