Tax Payer Portal - CMS User Guide

Created by Benjamin Boehme, Modified on Thu, 20 May 2021 at 05:19 PM by Benjamin Boehme

This guide explains the different pieces of the CMS and how to use them.

Access your admin area using the secret route: https://[yourwebsite]/admin


  • Add or delete items from the page
  • Adding a component/item brings up the relevant text box to collect info for that specific item
  • Fill in all relevant info


  • Use categories to group
  • For local links use “/search” format

Adding to the menu

  • Menu items
    • Add menu item -> Add new link menu item
    • Publish -> arrange where you want it (can make child) -> publish again
    • Will need to repeat steps for other languages menu

Localized pages or (aka. Adding a new page)

  • Language specific pages (eg. English and Spanish)
    • Every page will need both English and Spanish versions.
  • Create brand new page
    • Give it a title and URL safe permalink
    • Currently can just add text
    • Once saved you can click localizations button on that page and recreate the page for another language.
    • Can’t add components currently, need a way to do this dynamically

Landing Page

  • Settings -> Landing page (one for each language)
    • Changing one does not change the other
  • Edit landing page
    • Update title and subtext
    • DO NOT change permalink
    • You can add/remove components or add raw html
    • Don’t forget to repeat steps for Spanish
    • Click preview to see changes without publishing
    • Save a draft for any working in progress that isn’t ready for publishing
    • Publish will make changes to LIVE
  • Each site has a configurable landing page


  • Add item for each question/answer. You can include links in your content


  • Limited space so don’t add too much

Helpful Hints

  • Account numbers and property locations are often different. Should be done before you go live. Search expects a certain format.

Site Alerts

  • Eg. A weather warning
    • Add title
    • Alert color
    • Content
  • These will appear for every single page for selected culture.

Payment Fees

  • Display fees involved with different payment options at time of checkout.
  • Should be done before go live.
  • Edit as HTML so you don’t lose your payment icons.

Users & User Roles

  • To add a new user, simply have the user login to the tax payer portal
  • Once they’ve logged in you can find that user in the Users menu of the Admin portal and assign elevated permissions
  • User Roles - Below are the standard roles but any number of users can be added/edited under the Roles page in the Security section.
    • Administrator - Complete access to the site
    • Editor - Allows access to editing of another author's content
    • Author - Allows creation of content on the site
    • Moderator - Allows viewing content in the admin section
    • Contributor - Allows creation and editing of content but is unable to publish it (save only to draft)
  • All Spindlemedia users are admins

Adding cultures

  • This would need to be a joint effort between the tax office and Spindlemedia as not all parts of the site are editable by the tax office

Tenant Branding

  • Located under Configuration

Tenant Settings

  • Located under Configuration
    • Allows you to set a subtitle for the site name in the header
    • Site logo
    • Tax assessor's name and phone number can be set to be displayed on the footer
    • Tenant ID should be left unedited