Exporting and Saving through applications in Parallels

Created by Jason Bollinger, Modified on Fri, 04 Jun 2021 at 12:13 PM by Jason Bollinger

 This guide is to help users export and save documents using apps inside Parallels. 







1.In this example I will export a statement, I have chose to export a Current Plus statement in this scenario by using the button on the account status screen. Then when the next box pops up I want to choose Export.

2. Then when statement preview comes up I want to choose the export icon at the top left. 


3. The next part is where it’s a little different than what you are used to seeing. When you click the export icon and it brins up the explorer the “Documents” and “C:\” you see there are not your local ones they are on the Azure servers. 

4. You will need to choose one of your local drives, in this case my computer name is JASONNEWPC so you can see each of my local drives on the computer have the name of the drive followed by the name of my computer. Im going to use the D on JASONENEWPC drive to export my statement. This will be similar to what you will see except it it be your drive letter on whatever your computer name is. 

5. Then you simply choose which drive you want to save on and export it to that drive.  You can see below where my statement has been exported now. 


These same practices apply to saving documents as well for instance reports. So if you are wanting export a report from report manager just make sure you choose one of your local drives to save it to.