How to update an existing menu item in TaxPayer

Created by Taylor Schumacher, Modified on Fri, 30 Jul 2021 at 05:12 PM by Taylor Schumacher

  1. Go to your TaxPayer website admin section. Usually ends with {website}/admin
  2. Create an account when prompted for a login (if you currently do not have an account)
  3. Open a ticket to have your account elevated to Administrator (if you have to create an account)
  4. Go to the Menu Items tab on the left side of your screen within the admin section
  5. Within the list of menu items find "Main Menu English" and click the edit button on that row 
  6. Within the Edit Menu for the "Main Menu English" find the menu item that you wish to edit and click the edit button. 
  7. Change text found in the "Name" input box if wanting to change the name. Change the URL to change where the menu item points. Click Publish when complete. This does not yet make the change! 
  8. Click publish button on the Edit Menu screen to push your modifications to the site 
  9. Repeat Step 4 through 8 for "Main Menu Spanish" to edit the Spanish Main menu items

Some other helpful hints things that are possible in the Edit Menu item in TaxPayer Admin: 

  • The menu items are movable. Drag and drop to reorder the menu however you please
  • The menu items can be nested by dragging them to the left under another menu item
  • Click "Add Menu Item" button that is blue for a new menu item for top level menu items
  • Click the green "Add" button for a new nested menu item