How to link to a PDF

Created by Benjamin Boehme, Modified on Wed, 18 Aug 2021 at 09:48 AM by Benjamin Boehme

You can link directly to a PDF simply by providing the URL to the PDF in your link or menu component. 


To upload a PDF:

  • navigate to “Content” -> “Media Library” from the Admin portal
  • select blue upload button and choose a PDF to upload
  • once uploaded, you’ll see it displayed in your media library, hover over the file name and select “view”

  • this will display the pdf along with the URL to use in your PDF link from other pages on your site, including menu and links pages

  • Note the highlighted section of the URL above, using this you can link to the PDF like you would any other page, here’s an example from menu links

  • You can use the “Preview” button to ensure you have the URL correct. Once you select “Publish” you’ll see it displayed in your menu or link items

  • Remember to re-Publish your menu or links item as well so you can see the new link