SIT Dealer Portal - Submit & Pay Statements

Created by Jason Zeh, Modified on Mon, 14 Mar 2022 at 09:43 AM by Jason Zeh

Go to the URL provided to set up your user profile. Click the Sign up link, enter your email address, and choose a password. Contact the tax office to complete your registration.

once the tax office has assigned your username to your dealership, your dashboard will change. You’ll be able to see any Pending payments, Pending statement submissions, and previously Paid statements at-a-glance. You can also download our CSV Template for uploading sales here.

Submitting Sales is a 3-step process.  To get started, Click Submit Statement.

Step 1 – Choose a METHOD for submitting sales.

  • Select the Month and the Year for the statement, as well as the Dealer from the dropdown menu.
  • You can add sales Manually or Import sales by uploading a CSV file (once again, we provide a downloadable CSV SALES TEMPLATE here).

If you have more than 10 sales to report, we recommend the Import Sales option.

  • If you have no sales to report, click No Sales.
  • Click CONTINUE.

Step 2 – Submit Sales.

If you selected Import Sales:

  • To import sales, click on the CHOOSE FILE field and browse to the file you want to upload. The system will notify you once it’s loaded successfully.
  • Click CONTINUE.

If you selected Add Sales Manually:

  • To Add sales manually click the Add Sale button, fill out all fields, and click Save.
  • Repeat until all your sales are added.
  • You can edit the details of a sale or delete it completely from the statement.
  • Click CONTINUE.

Review the Summary. If you need to make corrections, click GO BACat the upper left of the screen. Otherwise, to continue, click SUBMIT AND PAY.

Step 3 - Make Payment.

  • Review the Pending Payment to make sure the Total Due, Due Date and Payment amount are correct. 
  • Choose a Payment Method

if you click Cancel here, your statement will be saved on the dashboard, and you can come back to it later.

Credit Card/eCheck Payments

If you choose Credit card/eCheck you will be redirected to an online payment processing site to complete your payment. Once your payment is accepted, it may not immediately reflect on your account. There will be a Payment Pending card on your dashboard that should drop off within a few minutes.

Check (via mail) Payments

If you choose to pay by mail with a paper check, print a copy of the statement and send it to the tax office with your payment. You will see a pending payment card on your dashboard until the check is received and processed successfully.