How to Create an Installment Agreement

Created by Jason Zeh, Modified on Thu, 28 Apr 2022 at 07:06 PM by Jason Zeh

To create an Installment Agreement for a single account, begin at the Account Details page for the specific account.

Click MORE ACTIONS>Create Installment.

To create an Installment Agreement for a group of accounts, begin at the Account Lists page.

Click MOREACTIONS>Create Installment.


  1. Select the Run Date for the Installment Agreement.
  2. Check the Homestead Box or leave blank for a regular Installment Agreement.
  3. Verify the account(s) included in the Installment Agreement.  
  4. Select the Start Date, scheduling method, and enter the Payment Amount or Months of installments. Then click CREATE SCHEDULE.  
  5. The system will generate a display of the payment schedule which you can print and show the Payer before they agree to the installment plan. The schedule can be printed again after the Installment Agreement is finalized.   
  6. Click CREATE to finalize the Installment Agreement.
  7. Select which documents you want to print. Click CANCEL to quit the print dialogue.