How to Make Payments in TaxOffice 4

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Getting to the Payments Screen

Opening a Batch

Making Payments

Getting to the Payments Screen

There are several ways to initiate a payment in TaxOffice 4. It's easy to get started no matter which page you're currently viewing:

1. From any page, click the PAYMENTS tab in the menu at the top of the page. Then click the MAKE PAYMENT button located in the upper right

2. From the ACCOUNTS page, after highlighting an account, click the MAKE PAYMENT button. 

3. From the ACCOUNT DETAILS page, click the MAKE PAYMENT button.

4. From the ACCOUNT LIST page, click the MAKE PAYMENT button to pay a list of accounts in one payment.

Opening a Batch

Before you can make payments in TaxOffice 4, you must open a batch. The most common batch types for most users are the Cash/Check Batch & the Credit Card Batch. If you have no batch open when you get to the Payments page, you will be prompted to open a batch to continue.

1. Select a batch type

2. Select a location (where applicable)

3. Click the SAVE CHANGES button

You can also open a new batch at any time by clicking the PAYMENTS tab and then clicking the +OPEN BATCH button.

Making Payments

On the payment screen there are several options to customize the payment, but for most payments you can follow these simple steps.

1. With your batch open, click the ADD TENDER drop-down and select the payment type. If receipt is needed after payment, click Print Receipt box. If the payment needs to be receipted to a different day, you may change the receipt dateNOTE: If the remitter is other than the property owner, click the EDIT button and fill in the remitter info.

2. For Check or Manual Credit, enter the Check# or Reference#.

3. Enter the Amount to be paid.

4. Once an Amount is entered, notice the APPLIED AMOUNT and REMAINING DUE are updated at the bottom of the screen.5. To use multiple tenders, click the ADD TENDER button again to add the next tendered amount. To remove a tender from the list, click the red X.

6. Use the filters as needed to filter out Years, Tax Units, or Receivable Types. Any changes you make will be reflected in the grid below as well as in the SELECTED DUE area at the bottom of the screen. 

If you don't use any filters, the total amount due on the account for all years will be selected. 

7. Click the POST PAYMENT button at the bottom of the screen. If you checked Print Receipt, a printable receipt will be generated in a new tab.

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