Mobile Home Guide "Parallels"

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1.     Launching Mobile Home
2. Logging Into Mobile Home
3.     Main Screen – Functions. 
4      Mobile Home Search.. 
5      Add a Mobile Home.. 
6      Edit a Mobile Home.. 
7      Delete a Mobile Home.. 
8      Add a Mobile Home Year.. 
8.1    Edit a Mobile Home Year. 

8.2    Delete a Mobile Home Year. 
9      Update State ID Information. 
9.1   Overview.. 
10    Export to a Mobile Home Lien File.

Introduction to Mobile Home

The Mobile Home program is a stand alone application that works in conjunction with the TaxOffice system to add/edit/change mobile home lien records within the system.  This application must be used on a TaxOffice system database that has been updated to support this new application.

1. Launching Mobile Home. 

Open up Parallels

2. Logging Into Mobile Home. 

Double click the Mobile Home Icon in Parallels.

3. Main Screen – Functions

Once a user has logged into the Mobile Home system the Main Screen will by default display the first Mobile Home Record within the TaxOffice System.  This screen is a read-only display of a current mobile home record that has been assigned to a valid tax account within the system.

Mobile Home Display Information Reference:

  • Account: Tax Account for which this mobile home has been assigned to1
  • Label: Label for the mobile home3
  • Model: Model for the mobile home3
  • Serial: Serial for the mobile home3
  • Last Update ID: Last user who edited the mobile home master record2
  • Last Update Time: Last time this master record was edited2
  • Concurrency: Total number of updates performed on this record2

Mobile Home Years Display Information Reference:

  • Tax Year: Tax Year for the mobile home year/unit record1
  • Tax Unit: Tax Unit short name for the mobile home year/unit record1
  • Tax Unit Name: Tax Unit long name for the mobile home year/unit record1
  • Lien Date: Date lien was placed on mobile home year/unit record2
  • Lien Year: Tax Year lien was placed on mobile home year/unit record1,2
  • Lien Amount: Lien amount currently due on mobile home year/unit record2
  • Lien Release Date: Date lien was released from mobile home year/unit record (this is usually auto generated from exporting mobile home records)2
  • Last Updated By: Last user to update the mobile home year/unit record2
  • Last Modified: Date the mobile home year/unit record was updated2


1. Required Field

2. Auto generated field
3. Optional field

Tooltip information over what a button on the main screen does can be discovered by hovering the mouse over the button in question. Double click on an entry will bring up the mobile home year information screen. The button denoted by … on this screen is used to denote bringing up the Mobile Home record change dialog screen.

 Right click on the grid Mobile Home years will bring up the context menu with options available to user concerning the mobile home specified by the upper half of the screen.  This menu can be used to add/edit/delete mobile home year records to the specified mobile home account.

If a row is not selected and the edit option is selected

If a row is not selected and the delete option is selected

Confirmation screen for a user to answer if a mobile home year/unit has been selected to be deleted.

4.Mobile Home Search

The search system starts with a mechanism to find matching tax accounts with mobile home records assigned to them.  If this is left empty, all available tax accounts with mobile homes attached to them, are returned.  All forms that are accessible from the Main Screen accept the Enter key as save/execute, and the ESC key as cancel.

5. Add a Mobile Home. 

Advanced users may use the database ID to enter a new a new Mobile Home record, if known.

If when adding a mobile home, the tax account number can not be remembered in full, the a user may use the first part of the account number to bring up a screen, which returns the first 20 records that match the tax account number.

Here a user may choose from a list of the first 20 matching accounts from the starting characters of the tax account they were attempting to add a mobile home record to.

This message will appear if a user attempts to add an account that already has a mobile home attached to it in the Tax System.

This message will appear if a user attempts to add a mobile home record to an invalid tax account within the system.

6.Edit a Mobile Home. 

The fields Label, Model, Serial are the only editable fields once a mobile home record has been assigned to an account.

7. Delete a Mobile Home. 

Tooltips are available for users when a buttons meaning is unknown.

Confirmation is required for deletion of a mobile home year.  It is not possible to delete a mobile home with mobile home year records attached.

8. Add a Mobile Home. 

Add/Edit/Delete Mobile Home Year Dialog

Changing the year will reload the available tax units for this account to be associated with a mobile home record.  If no tax units are available for the specified tax year, a user will be unable to add the mobile home year record. 

8.1 Edit a Mobile Home Year

The only editable fields once a mobile home year/unit record is created, are the Lien Date/Lien Amount/ Lien Release Date.  If the Mobile Home Export option is run these fields will be automatically filled by the export functionality.

8.2 Delete a Mobile Home Year

This screen will appear when a user wishes to delete a mobile home year/unit record.

9. Update State ID Information. 

9.1  Overview
TaxOffice 2004 must be updated with accurate State ID’s prior to any data export function.

Click on Maintenance, Tax Unit

Click on the frst Tax Unit Name. 

Click the Edit button at the bottom right. 

In the Miscellaneous Information Section, Enter the State ID
(This State ID is given to you by the State Comptroller)
Then Click Save.

10 Export to a Mobile Home Lien File. 

Click the Export button. Choose Lein only or release only. The run date can be changed to the date the user wishes to have the mobile home record lien file created for  

Click on the ... and be sure to chose your z-drive(or whatever letter drive you have)

A user may modify the name and location of where the Mobile Home export file should go.  The default name and location for this file is MobileHomeExportMMDDYYYY.txt where MMDDYYYY represents the current date.  The default file location is the personal folder of the user on the machine usually Z:\documents and settings\{username}\My Documents.

Click generate

This message will appear when the mobile home lien export file has completed exporting the applicable tax system records to a file.

Open the folder you saved it to to see the file.