How to Reapply a Payment from the Account or a Multi Payment from the Batch

Created by Heather Zeh, Modified on Mon, 27 Feb 2023 at 11:12 AM by Heather Zeh

1. Find the account that the payment was applied to.

2. Find the payment that you want to reverse and reapply.

3. Click the REVERSE button. Select the Reapply from the Batch Type drop-down menu. Click SAVE CHANGES.

4. Check the box next to the payment you want to reverse and reapply. Click the REVERSE PAYMENT button.

5. Click the YES button.

6. Click the OK button.

7. You can see the Reversal on the Account screen. Click MAKE PAYMENT to make the correct payment.

8. Set the date, choose the Correct year, choose the same type and amount of Tender. Enter the same reference number and confirm the correct Reapply batch is being used. Click the POST PAYMENT button.

9. Click CONTINUE.

10. The Reapply batch will have a ZERO balance once you have reapplied the payment. 

IF YOU ARE REVERSING A PAYMENT THAT PAID MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS TO REAPPLY TO A GROUP OF OTHER ACCOUNTS, FOLLOW THE STEPS BELOW. You will be reversing the payment from a closed batch and will need a Reapply batch opened.

1. Create a list of the accounts that the payment will be reapplied to by performing a search of the accounts, highlighting and adding to a list from the search results page. (See knowledge base document titled How to Create an Account List in Tax Office 4)

2. Locate the closed batch that has the payment that will be reversed. Go to Payments to get to the BATCH MANAGER page, type the batch number in the Batch Number Field, unclick the box next to Open Only and click the SEARCH Button. The batch will appear:

3. Click on the batch number to open the batch and locate the payment to be reversed. Once inside the batch, locate the payment to be reversed and click the REVERSE button:

4.  This will take you to the Reverse Payments screen - Reverse Payment. If you have a reapply batch open, you will see it populated in the User Batches field. If you do not have a reapply batch open, the screen will prompt you to create a batch at which time you will click on OPEN BATCH and create a Reapply batch. Then check the box next to the payment and this will select all of the accounts within the payment to be reversed. Click Reverse Payment: (Note: Leave the Reason as Other and add a comment if necessary. Also, note the Check number that made the payment as you will be using it to reapply the payment to the correct accounts.)

5. Click YES to receive confirmation of the completed reversal. Click OK: (Note: clicking ok will take you back to the Batch Details screen)

6. Now we are ready to reapply the payment. Click on the list in the top right-hand corner of the screen to get to the list of accounts that the payment will be reapplied to:

7. From the ACCOUNT LIST page click MAKE PAYMENT:

8. You will be taken to the Payments page where you will see the ReApply batch in the Payment Batch field. Click on ADD TENDER, select check, type in the Check # and the Check Amount and tab to populate the details in the blue bar at the bottom of the page. Click POST PAYMENT:

9. Click CONTINUE:

10. You will then be notified that the Payment was Successfully Posted. From here you will have the options to print tax statements or Individual or Multiple Receipt or click DONE to complete the transaction.