How to Print Batch Reports for Daily Balancing

Created by Heather Zeh, Modified on Tue, 21 Feb 2023 at 03:50 PM by Nichole Cryar

This guide is to show you where you can print your daily batch reports for end of day balancing. It is suggested to review these reports before closing your batches. Edits and changes to the batch are easier to make within an open batch. 

1. Click PAYMENTS tab


3. Once in the Reports page, the Batch Edit Summary box will be checked by default and may be the only report needed to balance. Select the Type of batch, Status - which will be "OPEN", and confirm the Start and End dates. 

Under Report Options, My Batches Only will be selected by default. If you are balancing for multiple users, you would select All Batches. Certain permissions are required to view All Batches. 

Under the Select Batches section, click on the SEARCH button to bring in all of your open batches for the day. Then click on DOWNLOAD REPORTS:

The reports will be downloaded and ready for review. Below is an example of a Batch Edit Summary Report. For this example, there is a CASH/CHECK batch and a CREDIT CARD batch. You will notice the 1/1/9999 date in the top left-hand corner of the report. This just indicates that the batch is open. Once your batches are balanced and closed, the report will reflect the current date. 

Example - CASH/CHECK Batch Edit Summary Report:

Example - CREDIT CARD Batch Edit Summary Report:

4. Once balanced, close all the batches. To do that, click on the PAYMENTS tab at the top of the page. By default, your username will be populated in the User field and the box for Open Only batches will be checked. Your open batches for the day will be populated below the dark blue line. From here you will click on the CLOSE box next to each batch:

5. Once you click on CLOSE, click on the box to confirm that you are ready to close the batch and confirm the Deposit Date, then click the CLOSE BATCH button: (Note: the batch will be removed from the list on the BATCH MANAGER SCREEN)

6. If more detailed batches are necessary, you can SELECT ALL at the top of the Reports page or check the boxes for the particular Report you would like to see. Once your selection is made, the Batch Information is selected, Report Options are selected, click on Search to Select Batches (Note: If you would like to remove a batch, you can click on the X next to the batch to remove it from the list), then click DOWNLOAD REPORTS. See the screenshot below #3 in this article for reference.  Below are examples of each report in addition to the Batch Edit Summary example above:

Batch Edit Detail Report:

Batch Detail Listing Report:

Batch Year-By-Year Summary Report: