How to Use Fast Pay Mode

Created by Jason Zeh, Modified on Sun, 22 Jan 2023 at 12:31 PM by Nichole Cryar

Fast Pay mode is a more efficient way to work through a stack of current year payments with minimal keystrokes.


1. With your checks and coupons ready, click the PAYMENTS tab, then click the MAKE PAYMENT button. 

2. If you don't have a batch open yet, the system will prompt you to open one. 

3. Check the Fast Pay checkbox, then click the ADD ACCOUNT button. 

4. Enter the account number, then click on the account that appears in the drop-down or press enter. 

Note: You can also use scan the barcode on the coupon to enter the account.

5. When an account is entered in Fast Pay mode, the filters are automatically set to Current Year only, and the Check Amount is auto filled. Verify the amount on the physical check matches the amount in the Check Amount box.

6. Enter the check number. The Check # box will already be highlighted and ready. 

7. Make sure the SELECTED DUE and APPLIED AMOUNT match, and that the REMAINING DUE is zero. Then click the POST PAYMENT button. 

8. You will be prompted to enter the next account number. When you are finished making Fast Pay payments, just uncheck the Fast Pay checkbox.