SIT - How to Unpay a Payment (Open Batches Only)

Created by Jason Zeh, Modified on Fri, 24 Jun 2022 at 04:15 PM by Jason Zeh

Whether you entered incorrect details such as the wrong amount or postmark date or applied the wrong account, there are several reasons you may need to unpay a payment in SIT. Here are the simple steps to unpay a payment (as long as the batch is still OPEN. To reverse payments out of a CLOSED batch, see How to Reverse Payments from a Closed batch.

1. Find the payment. There are two ways to find the payment.

   a. Go to the account page for the dealer in question. Under RECENT STATEMENTS, find the payment and click VIEW DETAILS

   b. Click the Payments tab. Then click the batch number for the payment.

2. Under BATCH DETAILS, click the UNPAY button for the payment you want to unpay (you will be prompted to confirm).

3. The payment will have an UNPAID badge in the upper left corner when you are done.