PID Loader 1.4.0 9-19-2022

Created by Karen Kinsey, Modified on Tue, 04 Oct 2022 at 09:11 AM by Mark Gould


Here are the guidelines for the files:

  • Files must be Excel (XLSX) files
  • Filename should start with the tax unit code followed by a dash, to automatically map it to the right unit i.e “PID50-HackberryXXX.xlsx”
  • PID Loader will look for a worksheet named “Final” otherwise it will default to the first sheet
  • Assessment Amounts should be rounded to 2 digits
  • Column names should be in first row and assessments should immediately follow
  • PID Loader will try and determine the account column by looking for the following names, in priority order: “Account Number”, “Account”, “Property”, “Tax Parcel”, “Parcel”
  • PID Loader will try and determine the assessment column by looking for the following names, in priority order: “Assessment Amount”, “Amount”


Instructions on use:

  • Year should be set (in this case to 2022). Total is not necessary for bulk load
  • Press Bulk Load button (Screenshot 1)
  • Follow instructions to choose folder where excel files reside
  • Review data for accuracy – make sure tax unit is set correctly (Screenshot 2)
    • Count – total number of records in file
    • Missing Accounts – Records where account number does not exist
    • Missing Years – Records where account exists but no AccountYear for selected year
    • Already Loaded – Exact match for amount on existing account
    • Recv Amount Mismatch – PID exists but amount differs from what is loaded
    • Valid – new records to be loaded
    • Total – total amount on file
  • Check the “Load” box for each unit to be loaded
  • Hit Process
  • Exception Report (if applicable) will appear first detailing all exceptions (Screenshot 3)
  • Load Report will appear second showing everything to be loaded (Screenshot 4)
  • Confirmation screen will appear and then PID receivables will be created


Screenshot 1:


Screenshot 2:


Screenshot 3:


Screenshot 4:



This is an early release that we would like feedback on. Please let us know if you have any issues.