How to Transfer a Payment/Refund

Created by Nichole Cryar, Modified on Thu, 09 Feb 2023 at 12:34 PM by Heather Zeh

The Transfer Payment feature is used for transferring a refund from one account to another account. 

1. Select Transfer Payment from the drop-down menu under the More tab.

2. Open a ReApply Batch by clicking on OPEN BATCH. Select ReApply in the drop-down menu and click SAVE CHANGES. Note: Description is optional.

3. Fill in the Source Account field with the account number that funds will be transferred from and select the year. Fill in the Target Account with the account number that will receive the transfer.

4. Distribute the amount and click the TRANSFER button. This will prompt you to confirm the transfer. Select YES and then OK once the refund has been successfully transferred.

5. The PAYMENT TRANSFER will be reflected in the PAYMENTS tab within the Source Account and in the HISTORY tab within the Target Account.