How to do a Partial or Full Strike Off on an Unpaid Balance

Created by Nichole Cryar, Modified on Wed, 19 Oct 2022 at 08:23 AM by Nichole Cryar

1. From the ACCOUNT DETAILS page, click on MAKE PAYMENT

2. From the Payments page click OPEN BATCH, and select Strike Off from the Batch Type drop down and SAVE CHANGES

3. Once the Strike Off Batch is created, click on POST STRIKE OFF to Strike Off the entire balance

4. Click CONTINUE to apply payment to the Strike Off balance

5. To do a Partial Strike Off, click on the Filters box to filter down to a specific jurisdiction and/or year and enter the amount to be struck off in the Override field. This amount will be reflected in the APPLIED AMOUNT field in the box with the POST STRIKE OFF BUTTON. Once reviewed, click POST STRIKE OFF

6. Confirm the amount to be struck off and click CONTINUE

7. Once the Strike off or Partial Strike off has been posted successfully there will be an option to print a tax statement, receipt, or click DONE at which time you will be prompted to add accounts for strike off to the batch or CANCEL to stop posting to the Stike off batch. 

8. The Strike Off will be reflected on the ACCOUNT DETAILS page under the PAYMENTS tab