How to Set the Billing Method for Each Fiduciary for Mass Billing

Created by Jason Zeh, Modified on Mon, 24 Oct 2022 at 08:25 AM by Jason Zeh

Whether you need to send paper statements, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets or other types of files to your fiduciaries from Mass Billing, it starts with setting the Billing Method for each of your fiduciaries. Begin by opening Tax Client.

1. From the main screen, click the Fiduciaries tab.

2. For this demonstration, I chose Agents.

3. Search for an agent by typing either the fiduciary number or the fiduciary name.        Then click Locate or hit Enter. Highlight the fiduciary you want to edit.

4. With your fiduciary highlighted, expand the screen slightly to reveal the Edit              button and click Edit.

5. Using the dropdown menu, choose from the available Billing Methods.

6. Click Save.

Below is a brief description of some more commonly used Billing Methods:

  • Statement - Mass Billing will generate a paper statement for the fiduciary
  • Excel - Mass Billing will generate an Excel spreadsheet with the billing information
  • Excel/PDF - Mass Billing will generate a spreadsheet AND a pdf of every statement for the fiduciary
  • AutoAgent - The billing information will be sent with the nightly data feed to CoreLogic/AutoAgent (used for fiduciaries already receiving nightly data)
  • Tape - Used to create a roll tape exported from Mass Billing in Parallels
Note: AutoAgent and Tape billing methods are only used for mortgage companies.