How New Construction Value is Calculated and Shows in the Tax Software

Created by Heather Zeh, Modified on Thu, 27 Oct 2022 at 03:50 PM by Heather Zeh

New Construction values come in a file from the appraisal districts. They are then loaded into the Tax Software and the levies are automatically calculated and added to the ceilings. You can manually add the difference for new construction through Tax Client Account Values (here is a guide to do that Helpdesk : Spindlemedia Tax Office ). The  new total will show in the new Ceiling Amount for the current year. In the Report Book New Construction Report, you will see the value for the New Construction.  The report for New Construction comes from the appraisal district as well. 

Here is an example of the New Construction Report

Taking a look at this account, we see the ceiling increased by 127.51 for Randall County (if you have not manually added the increased levy, the New Construction will show 0.00.

The freeze was 1,653.26 for 2021.

The 2022 rate for unit 3 is .41713

To verify the ceiling is correct, do the following calculation.

.41713x 30,568(new construction) /100 = 127.50 the amount of tax to be added to the 2021 ceiling.

The ceiling for 2022 for unit 3 is $ 1,780.77. If take the 2021 ceiling $1,653.25 and add the new construction value tax of 127.51 = $1,780.77