Multiple Account Receipts Report

Created by Nichole Cryar, Modified on Thu, 27 Oct 2022 at 03:19 PM by Nichole Cryar

When you receive one payment on multiple accounts and need all the accounts listed in a receipt you can use the Multiple Account Receipts Report to generate a record of the payment with all of the accounts listed. We are currently working on a function to print and re-print multiple account receipts in TaxOffice 4.0 from both the Payments screen and the Batch. Until then, please use this report.

1. Under Reports select Payment --> Multiple Account Receipts report. Enter the Batch Number and click the RUN REPORT button

2. The report will generate. If there were multiple payments made in the batch, locate the page(s) that have the payments needed, extract from the report and print. The Remitter, Check # and Total Amount Paid will be reflected at the top of the list of accounts paid under that one payment.