How to Print/Save a Multi-Receipt for Multiple Accounts Paid with One Payment

Created by Nichole Cryar, Modified on Wed, 16 Nov 2022 at 04:50 PM by Nichole Cryar

Multi-Receipts are designed for a payment that pays multiple accounts at once and will list several accounts on one page rather than generating one account receipt per page. The multi receipt will open in a new tab for printing at the time or saving as a PDF to email. This can be done from the Payment Screen or from an open or closed Batch after the payment is posted. 


1. Once you have pulled all of the accounts into the payment screen from either the search grid or a list, ADD TENDER and click POST PAYMENT

2. This will bring in the box to confirm the payment amount to be applied to the accounts in your batch. Click CONTINUE

3. This will take you to the Payment Successfully Posted! box where you can click on the PRINT RECEIPT drop down and select Multiple. The MultiReceipt will open in a new tab at which time you may print the multi receipt to issue or save the multi receipt as a PDF to email.

4. The receipt is now a 16 page document for this example vs. 66 separate pages for each account. The receipt will now reflect several accounts per page.

MULTI RECEIPT FROM THE BATCH (open or closed batch):

1. Head over to your Batch in the BATCH MANAGER screen and click on the batch to open the BATCH DETAILS page

2. From the BATCH DETAILS page, you will be able to print a multi receipt from the GENERATE MULTI RECEIPT button (will generate a multi receipt for all payments made in that batch) or select Multiple from the drop down GENERATE RECEIPT button in the box for that specific payment (will generate a multi receipt for only the accounts paid by that specific payment). The multi receipt will open in a new tab to print to issue or save as a PDF to email