Refund - Incorrect Account Paid

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1. First, create a reversal batch. Select Batches under the Payments tab:


2. Click New, change the batch type to Reversals:

3. Go to Account Search under the Account tab and search for the account:

4. Once you have selected the account, go to the Payment History Screen and make note of the batch number that the payment was posted to, and if it was cash or check. If it was a check, write down the check number and the amount:

5. Then go to Batches under the Payments tab, check the Select by Batch ID box, and click Find Batch. Once the batch appears, double click on it to open the batch management screen:

6. Once you are in the batch, click on the By Account tab, enter the account number in the Select Account Number field, check the box next to Search Batch. This will populate the payment:

7. Highlight any of the payments (the entire payment will be reversed): Note: Do not click on the "Total" line. 

8. Click Reverse Account: 

9. Choose the reversal batch and click Reverse:

10. On the following screen you will enter the reason and click ok: (Note: If you are refunding the payment and still need the taxes to reflect due then you will select Other)

11. Once you click OK, you will receive the box advising that you are about to reverse the account. Select Yes: 

12. Now the account will have the balance back on it and it is time to post the overpayment. Go to Quick Payments under the Payment drop down menu. Click New Payment: Note: must have a cash/check batch open.

13. If the account number populates, hit enter. If your account number is not brought in, type in and then hit enter. Then click on the check box next to the receivable in the View Receivables By box to uncheck the receivable. (Note: Be sure to populate the same check number and payment type) If the remitter needs to be changed hit the three dots next to Fiduciary and change to the remitter information for the refund. This will also be where you can change the Receipt Date if necessary.

Ex) Changing remitter

14. Enter the Payment Amount and make sure that the “Amount Selected” reflects $0.00 and then click the Post Payment button:

15. Once you click post payment, you will receive the box advising you are about to create an Overpayment. Select Yes:

16. Then you can go back to Account Status and the overpayment, and the balance will be reflected:

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