How to Set the Logo or Seal for SIT Reports/Receipts

Created by Jason Zeh, Modified on Tue, 20 Dec 2022 at 10:44 AM by Jason Zeh

Sometimes the county seal is incorrectly set in SIT Settings. This can be because it was overlooked in the initial setup or changed inadvertently. The folders containing these logos are held in Azure Blob Storage. First go to the Settings page in SIT for the tenant and check the Logo path.

Under your username, click Settings

Scroll down to Logo and check the Logo Path

Common issues with these paths include:

  • File extension is incorrect (.png vs .jpg)
  • File name is incorrect (/Seal vs /Logo)
  • Customer name (folder name) doesn't match
  • No such folder exists

To verify the Logo Path, start by logging into (may require additional permissions)

1. Click on Storage Accounts

2. Select smitaxprod002 -> Containers -> $web

3. Each customer should have a folder containing their county seal/logo

If there is no folder for the customer, create a new folder by uploading the logo and naming a folder for it. Note: You cannot create an empty folder. The only way to create a folder is to upload a file.

4. From the $web location, click Upload

5. Select the file to upload. Then click Advanced and create/name the folder to contain the file and click the Upload button

6. Check to see that your file was uploaded, then go back to the SIT Settings page

7. Update the Logo Path and click Save