How to Pay Multiple Tax Certificates Under a Fiduciary

Created by Heather Zeh, Modified on Wed, 08 Feb 2023 at 01:32 PM by Heather Zeh

Fiduciaries often request several to hundreds of tax certificates each month. Some Offices allow them to be billed per month for Tax Certificates. This guide will show you how to pay all of the tax certificates with a certain timeframe at one time. 

1. Click the MORE dropdown on the main TaxOffice 4 page. Click the Tax Certificate option.

2. Check the Unpaid box, enter a Start and End date, type in a Fiduciary name or number and click the Search button.

3. Click the Select All button.

4. Click the MAKE PAYMENT button.

5. Open a Tax Certificate batch and click the SAVE CHANGES button if it is office policy to use a Tax Certificate batch. If not,  use the applicable cash/check or CC batches.

6. Edit Remitter by clicking the EDIT button.

7. Enter the Fiduciary name and choose the correct Fiduciary and click the OK button. 

8.  Add Tender Type and Amount of payment. Make sure the Selected due matches the Applied Amount. Click the POST PAYMENT button.