SIT - How to Reset a Faulty Escrow Transfer

Created by Jason Zeh, Modified on Thu, 09 Feb 2023 at 03:48 PM by Jason Zeh

It is highly recommended that customers complete the entire escrow transfer process in TEST prior to doing it in PRODUCTION. That way they can verify that all of the totals are correct and will transfer to the correct accounts and balance with their reports and bank accounts. If that step is missed or something is overlooked and is not detected until after the transfer is completed in production, there is a way to 'reset' the transfer (as long as the batches have not been interfaced). 

Step 1 - Void the VIT batch in Tax.

This will remove the changes the transfer made to the tax database.

SEE: How to Void a Batch

Step 2 - Run the below script in the customer's SIT database.

Submit the following script to SQL Scripts in Octopus, filling in the correct batch number where needed.

This will rid the customer's SIT database of all of the details of the faulty transfer.

SEE: How to Submit a Script to Update Production

NOTE: You may need to paste it in a SQL editor first to clean it up. Otherwise, you can type it out in the field provided in the Runbook.

DELETE pd FROM dbo.PaymentDetail AS pd

INNER JOIN dbo.Payment AS p ON p.PaymentId = pd.PaymentId

INNER JOIN dbo.Batch AS b ON b.BatchId = p.BatchId


DELETE p FROM dbo.Payment AS p 

INNER JOIN dbo.Batch AS b ON b.BatchId = p.BatchId


DELETE b FROM dbo.Batch AS b