How to Edit Delinquency Date or 33.07 Date

Created by Nichole Cryar, Modified on Thu, 06 Apr 2023 at 03:13 PM by Nichole Cryar

1. To edit the Delinquency Date or 33.07 Date, go the account details page for the account and click on the RECEIVABLES tab at the bottom of the page. In the year that the date needs to be changed, click on the Actions drop down and select Edit Delinquency Date or Edit 33.07 Date: (for this example we will edit the delinquency date)

2. Once the date you would like to edit is selected, the Edit Delinquency Date box will appear. Add the date, then click Save: (A green box will appear confirming that the date has been edited)

3. Now the account is ready to generate a statement with the new delinquency date. You can do so by clicking on the MORE ACTIONS drop down and selecting Generate Tax Statement where you will have an option to select what type of statement you would like.