How to Create an Overpay Refund on an Account with a Balance

Created by Nichole Cryar, Modified on Thu, 06 Apr 2023 at 03:41 PM by Heather Zeh

Mortgage Companies sometimes make payments to the wrong account. The payment then needs to be reversed and reapplied as an overpayment to create a refund and a balance due on the account. 

1. First, reverse the erroneous payment to create the balance due on the account. The following link is instructions on how to reverse and reapply. The reversed payment will need to stay in the reapply batch while generating the statement reflecting the balance due. Follow this guide through step 6 to get the funds in the reapply batch. Helpdesk : Spindlemedia Tax Office. DO NOT REAPPLY PAYMENT UNTIL THE NEXT STEPS ARE COMPLETED.

2. Once the funds are in the reapply batch, it's time to generate the statement for the owner. Go to the account, change the run date if the payment was made in a previous month to reflect the correct amount due. For this example, the erroneous payment was made in January. 

3. If the delinquency date needs to be changed when reproducing a tax statement for the owner, follow the instructions in the following link. Helpdesk : Spindlemedia Tax Office 

4. Once the statement has been generated for the owner, click on the MAKE PAYMENT BUTTON on the Account Details page. This will take you to the Payments screen, with the ReApply batch populated in the Payment Batch drop down. Here you will need to EDIT the remitter, change the receipt date and ADD Tender using the payment information from the original erroneous payment. Note: If you need to review this information in the Payments tab in the Account Details page for this account, you can right click on the account in the payment grid at the bottom of the Payments screen and open the account in a new tab to review the payment. DO NOT POST PAYMENT YET.

5. Once all the details have been edited and the check number and payment amount has been entered, Override the amount to 0.00 to create the Over Payment Refund on the account by clicking in the Override field and populating 0.00. This will cause the receivable to be zero and create the OVERPAYMENT AMOUNT in the dark blue box at the bottom of the screen. Click POST PAYMENT:

6. Confirmation will be requested to post in the Reapply Batch. Click YES:

7. Confirmation box will then appear advising of the overpayment. Click CONTINUE once amount verified. Note: The receipt will generate in a separate tab reflecting the Overpayment and the Remaining balance. 

8. The account will now have the balance due with new delinquency date and refund amount reflected in the Account Details page with the Overpay Refund reflected in the PAYMENTS tab.