Taxoffice4 Check Scanning Setup Guide

Created by Nate Griggs, Modified on Fri, 12 May 2023 at 04:03 PM by Nate Griggs


  1. Ranger Remote Install. 

  1. Ranger for Magtek API Install 

  1. Configuring for First Scan 

  2. Updating the User Profile for Scanning  

  1. Scanning a Check  



               1-Ranger Remote Install 



    1.First you will need to install the Ranger Remote software located here 



    1-A. Click I agree on the next step.  







1-B. You can leave the default value on this step and click install.  



1-C. Click Finish. 









1-D. In Services.msc you should see the SBT Ranger Remote Service. 








                                                               2.Ranger for Magtek API Install  



                        2. Next you will need to install the Ranger Magtek Plug in located here  



         2A. Click Next  


            2B. Agree and click Install  


             2C. Click Finish 





2D. In Services.msc you should see SBTKernel. 







3-A. Launch the RangerFlex app, you can find it in Start Menu inside the Ranger folder  

Or you can type the word Ranger in the windows search next to the Start Menu.  



3-B. You will need to register the software using the key that is given to you by SpindleMedia. 

There is a walkthrough on the steps to unlocking the software located here . Once you have unlocked the software you can close it.  




                            4-Configuring for first Scan  


4-a. You will need to launch RangerFlex 


4-B. Choose the MagTek-ExcellaAPI in the dialog box. Once the “Start Feeding” button becomes available and is not greyed out you can close RangerFlex. 



                                                       5-Profile Update for Scanning 



5. At this point SpindleMedia will run an update to the Tax Database to enable the user can scan a check. 



                                            6-Scanning a Check 



6-A. Now you are ready to scan a check. First log into Taxoffice4 and lookup an account. Enter the pertinent     information for taking a check payment and click Post Payment. 


            6-B. The Scan Check screen will pop up. Place the check in the device and click Scan.  



6-C. You will see a preview of the scanned check, from here you can either click Scan to rescan or confirm to save the image to the account.  


6-D. Once you confirm your scan you will be able to see the scan if you go to the History section on the account.  




6-E. If you click on the image it will bring up a preview what you scanned.