How to Add/Edit Values on an Account

Created by Jeric Lugue, Modified on Thu, 18 May 2023 at 08:06 AM by Heather Zeh

1. In the ACCOUNT DETAILS click the APPRAISALS tab.

2. Choose a year and click the EDIT Button.

3. Click the VALUES tab. 

4.  To start Adding Values, click the ADD VALUE Button on the account.

        4.1. Click the dropdown menu under Type, then choose a desired type of value.

       4.2. Input the amount in the Value text field. Click the OK Button for the value to be added.

5. To start Editing values, choose the Property Value that needs to be edited then click the Edit button besides the Value amount.

       5.1. Input the correct Value field. Click OK Button to apply the changes.

6. Click the REVIEW tab to check the changes. Click the ACCEPT CHANGES AND SAVE Button.