How to Add/Edit Exemptions in an Account

Created by Patrick Oconer, Modified on Mon, 08 May 2023 at 10:33 AM by Patrick Oconer

1. Click the APPRAISALS tab on the account that needs to be edited. Click the EDIT button next to the year to be edited.

2. Click the EXEMPTIONS tab and click ADD EXEMPTION.

3. Add a Start and End date. Enter Percentage and Year Granted if applicable. Choose an Exemption Type from the dropdown menu.

4. Make sure to click the check box on the far left to select a Tax Unit and click the CONFIRM button.

5. To view the details click the plus sign beside the EXEMPTION that was created.

6. Details will show below. Click the EDIT button below actions if the EXEMPTION needs to be edited.

7. Click the REVIEW tab.

8. Click the ACCEPT CHANGES AND SAVE button.